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The Greatest Cause of Mia Dubois (Paperback)

The Greatest Cause of Mia Dubois Cover Image
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Twelve-year-old Mia Dubois and her family face the power of Hurricane Reggie, a storm that blows down a pine tree that causes damage to their Plymouth, Massachusetts home and puts her elderly neighbor's life in danger.

With school canceled for a couple of weeks as the town recovers from the hurricane, Mia visits her uncle in Chicago, where she learns about climate change and that not all communities are treated the same when it comes to having a clean environment. She and her friends start an afterschool club that becomes involved in standing up for the often-overlooked residents of a city a thousand miles from home. In the process, Mia learns important lessons about climate change and climate justice, as well as organizing and friendship. Most of all, she discovers that with hard work and dedication to a cause, the voice of an individual can make a real difference.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781737801955
ISBN-10: 1737801957
Publisher: Sdp Publishing
Publication Date: April 22nd, 2022
Pages: 274
Language: English

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