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How To Order From Our Website

Welcome to The Bookstore's online order system!  As a small store in a small building in a small town, it's impossible for us to stock every title that a person may want.  But thanks to a partnership with the American Booksellers Association and our book distributor, you can search for books on our website and have them shipped to your home or delivered to The Bookstore for pickup! 

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...4.

1. Create a login profile, so that we know who you are.  

2. Log in, browse books or search for a title.  Once you find what you want and its status shows it is available, add it to your cart.  

3. We now have the technology to accept credit card payments, so you can pay online if you choose. However, if you are a member of our loyalty program, you will want to choose the pay and pick-up at store option, because we are still working on how to apply the loyalty discount to online payments!

4 Sit back and wait for your books to arrive at your door, or for us to contact you when they arrive at The Bookstore for pickup!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Sometimes a search will produce results for books that are rare, out-of-print, or otherwise unavailable. We apologize for any confusion or consternation this causes. Before adding a book to your cart, double-check availability (which will show on the order screen).